Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter # 69 - "Happy Independence Day Guatemala!" - San Isidro, Guatemala

so hello there

well as you can see from the title of this email, today is the independence day for guatemala, so all of you eat some tortillas, beans, and eggs to celebrate.  they celebrate this day with a bunch of parades and the day before they run around in the street with big torches; im not sure why, i just know that they do it.... so yeah enough on that.

this was one of my best weeks here in san isidro.  we started this week knowing that we needed to find a lot of people (we only had like 2 progressing investigatores) but we also knew that going door to door isnt very effective and that it frustrates us.  so we knew that we needed the help of the members and that is what we did! we started getting the members to work more with us and we found a bunch of positive people!!  working with members has been something that has been very hard for me for my whole mission and i believe that we were greatly blessed for finally working well with members. let me share with you a great miracle that i believe that we received for working with the members.  on saturday in the morning we wanted to visit a family that we have been teaching for a long time. we called the wife and she told us that she would be there, we started to walk there (it is like 45 minute walk, but usually we go in bus or pick up truck). when we got there, there wasnt anyone home and i was really frustrated.  my comp remembered that a member told us to visit someone who was a neighbor of this family, so we went there and even though we didnt find the person that the member told us to visit, we found someone who is very very prepared.  he told us that he has been wanting to go to a church but didnt know which one to go to and that he has had a lot of problems in his life and knows he needs Gods help.  so yeah that was one of the great blessing that we received this week for working hard and working with members.
answers to moms questions:
i am getting used to the heat a little; i dont feel like it is as hot, but i still do sweat a lot and if i go to the mountains for a meeting (i have done it twice in the last month) i feel like it is very very cold. it scares me that im gonna die when i come home, becuase if the guatlemalan mountains where it is problably  45 or 50 degrees makes me feel really cold i have no idea how i will be able to live with snow again, haha.  yes transfers are this week. we still havent heard any news but yes i do think i will be leaving san isidro.  we saw president on wednesday for a conference we had with him in the mountains.  the best thing i have learned from president is the importance of the doctrine of Christ.  we eat with members everyday for lunch, except pday and maybe 2 or 3 times a week they give us dinner.  we shop in malacatan in a fairly nice grocery store.  we have a debit card from the mission and every month they put money on it, and then we take the money out at an atm and we pay everything with the cash.  i havent heard from chase in the last few weeks but last i have heard he is doing great, loving the mission. he is a zone leader and has to travel all over the amazon jungle.  my favoirte scripture this week would have to be d&c 45:62 and d&c 58:3-4.  
this week i did have an experience with grandpa.  i was reading in 3 nefi 14 were Jesus tells the story of the wise man and the foolish man and it made think of the song and the way that grandpa always sang it. i love sharing the story with investigators - it helps them see the importance of obeying and it helps us feel  the spirit.  

that is a way cool story about sam!!

tell rod i say hi, i would love to talk to her but i dont have her email, if you could get that for me that would be great!!
so i think that is about it for this week

i hope you have a wonderful week


elder meyer