Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter 43 - "Things are definitely looking up!" - La Blanca, Guatemala

hello hello hello

well it was another week here in guatemala and i guess i will tell you all about it, for some reason a lot of people decided to write me this week so i will have to keep it a little bit shorter.....
so when this week started everything just looked really bad.  and for the first half of this week i just felt SOOOOOOOOO frustrated.  it was the first time in the mission that i had felt so upset and so frustrated.  we were working and just not seeing any success.  i know that it is something that happens in the lives of all missionaries but for some reason i was hopping that i would be immune to it. NOPE!!! it has been happening and that is just part of life.  at first i was just so frustrated and didnt know what to do.  i talked to my district and zone leaders because they could tell i was really really frustrated and of course that isnt good.  so after talking with them i have been feeling a little better.  success hasn't just magically fallen out of the sky but things are definitely looking up.  we have hope, but more than anything we are excited to work again!!

one thing i learned this week that i loved was something i heard in church yesterday.  there is a companiship of senior missionaries that look over our stake for retention and reactivation and they came to the branch yesterday.  hermana wetzel told a story of a man that was a stake president for 10 year and then upon being realeased became a mission president for 3 years and then upon being realeased became a temple president for 3 more years.  she said that as members of the church there is no rest, but as we serve we will find joy and i really really liked that.
well that is it for this week.  have a wonderful week, and a wonderful march madness.  for the record i pick that NORTH CAROLINA will win the tournament!!!!!  may the upsets be abounding!!


elder meyer