Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #76 - "Malacatan......... again......... (this time with air conditioning)‏!!"

hello hello

so i guess i will start off with the big news... yes i had changes, where did i go you might ask.  the answer is malacatan.   where is malacatan, well it is the same city as san isidro, just that san isidro is on the north side and now im on the south side. it is no joke like a 3 minute car ride from san isidro to my new area.   so yeah that is kinda interesting.  i am here with elder fickes,  he is from idaho and i am finishing his training (that means that he has like 6 weeks in the field).  the very good news in all of this now is that i live in a wonderful house that has AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!!! oh and there is actually a shower that has HOT WATER!!!!!!!!!! when i finally shower there it will be my first hot shower since the ccm :) (ccm is the Guatemala MTC)

so yeah as far as my area goes,  it goes from the south part of the city until the mexican border,  we went there on friday because there are some members that live out there.  it is a very interesting area because it is very poor and the people are very friendly and receptive  but most of them dont have money to go in the bus to church and it is too far away to walk.  so that right now has been kinda difficult to work and find really positive people.  this week i was also able to do divisions with another area and i learned some very important things - 1.  the book of mormon is the best missionary tool, well that and the spirit.  and 2. the Lord has called us to ´´strengthen thy stakes´´ (Isaiah 54:2).  to do that we must be strong members of the church and then help those that arent as strong or those that arent members to be strong members also.
oh hey i have a funny story for this week.   i got stuck in an elevator for 2 hours today haha.  the stake center is 2 stories and it has an elevator and i was going with a missionary to buy something to drink and we decided to go down in the elevator and it got stuck and we were there for 2 hours haha.  it was actually really funny because i get along really really well with that missionariy and we were just joking around the whole time haha
answers to moms questions:
yes i am district leader.  that means i have to do all the baptismal interviews and that i have to do a lot of divisions with the other areas and that i need to go visit a lot with my sister missionaries.  i have 10 missionaries -- me and my comp,  the 2 sisters that are in my ward,  4 that are in a town called san pablo and 2 that are in another town called el rodeo.  my ward is about 130 active members but there are more that 1000 on the records, needless to say there is a huge problem with retention.  i dont know what the best thing i ate this week was but the worst thing i ate this week was fihambre.  it is something that they only eat for day of the dead (1st and 2nd of November) and it is like a huge plate of cut up hot dogs, sausge, pepperoni, chorizo, other sausage type things, cheese, beets, carrots, beens, lettuce, broccoli, and boiled eggs all mixed together and served cold..... it is HORRIBLE.  still no news on the package but i think it will be here soon.  as far as Christmas for me the normal - books, ties, clothes. as far as everyone else im still not sure.... in my last 6 months i would like to baptize 2 more families, see reyna go to the temple, and finish reading the old testament.

i cannot believe that there are only 6 more months it is so crazy.  

that hymn is so cool - i had never realized that we sung it as if we were Chirst. that is sweet

so yes that is what i learned this week.  i hope you have a great week.


elder meyer


ps here are some pictures of me and elder black, we came to the mission together, celebrating 18 months burning pants, we also burnt shirts because we forgot to do it when we completed a year.