Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #77 - "Super cool to walk around all day and not sweat!!" - San Isidro, Guatemala

well hello there.

so i am writing late this week because we got permision as a zone to go to the mountains for pday!! it was super cool to walk around all day long and not sweat!! it was a first in 18 months haha.  but yeah here i am.  since i am writing late i would just like to share that we are working hard and even though we are struggling a little bit, we are sure that everything will turn out ok

and i would like to share my favorite thing that i learned this week.  so i am still reading the old testament (sometime i think it is amazing and other times it think it is so weird (for example judges 3))  anyways i love love loved the story of gideon.  it seemed to me that he was so scared to lead isreal and to destroy the wickedness and the idols, and God knew that he was scared but He reminded gideon ¨have not i sent thee¨??   for me it was a great remeinder that God has called me to be here and for that i cannot fail.

answers to moms questions:
 the mountains are a lot nicer a lot prettier and a lot cleaner but holy crap the altitude killed me (i think i'm the first kid from colorado to say that...) the 23 of us in the zone went.  its not jungle its pine forrests.  yes you can see volcanoes.  my comp is a new missionary from Idaho - he has been out 6 weeks.  i have a to give a lesson in a meeting once a week and then i go on divisions and he stays in our area working and in the night i call all the areas to see how they are doing in. im sorry i havent taken any pics because of some problems with the batteries but ill take some for next week i promise.  i love being district leader. it makes it a little harder do good work in my area.  right now to be honest we dont really have progressing investigators..... we had one his name was angel but the bishop told us that we couldnt baptize him for a few months.........  so right now there is nothing.... i would love if you could put my district on the prayer role: elder fickes, elder arias, elder keck, elder lagos, elder purmire, elder gonzalez, hermana merrill and hermana avendaƱo.  thanks.  there are 2 districts in my zone.  and yes i love my zone leaders.  i saw president yesterday.  he came to our stake conference and he is amazing.  my favorite person in the ward is a guy named isaac that got back from the mission like a year ago and he is just always so happy and so funny (he reminds me a little bit of alex) .

dont worry too much about the trip ill get over it haha.  it sounds like things are going well that activity sounds super cool.  well i think that is it have a wonderful week


elder meyer