Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #80 - "Without a doubt my best week in Malacatan!" Malacatan, Guatemala

well hello again

so this was without a doubt my best week here in malacatan.  we were able to talk to a lot of people who are very cool.  we have also started using this new video from the church - i think in english it is called He is the Gift, but im not sure.  in spanish it is called El es la Dadiva.  but yeah it is a great video and people here are so excited about sharing it with other people. so yeah besides that one really cool thing that we were able to do this week was go to xetulul which  is that big amusment park which was way fun with half of the mission.  

the best news is that this upcoming week we are going to have a baptism of franklin. we have gone through so much to help him but finaly if all goes well on Thursday, he will be baptized!   i am trying to work hard and recognize all the miracles that God has blessed me with.  
answers to moms questions:
best thing about being a district leader is having a cell phone - it really makes work so much easier haha!   as far as my comp things are going great - we are working so hard and I have never been so tired!  we eat with members everyday for lunch.  for dinner we buy something in the street or make something at home (eggs or spaghetti)  yes i got the Christmas spirit box - thanks so much!!! i dont have much interaction with the kids from the ward but we would like to change that .... we walk a fair amount but i have no idea how much... my pedometer broke.... a mini mission is when someone who is almost missionary age spends a few days or a few week living and working with the missionaries.  we had a mini missionary live with us last week - it was awesome!  yes people put up lights and decorations just not as much as at home. as far my favorite guatemalan food i would have to say that it is chicken en mole, but to be honest i feel like that is cheating because mole is mexican but we eat it a lot and i really like it.....  

mom - i want to invite you to share "he is the gift" with everyone you can - it is a wonderful way to start talking to people about the church.

the cover essay and letter to the fam will be in a seperate email.
have a great week

love, elder meyer