Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter #81 - " looks like it will be a cold Christmas!‏" - Palo Gordo, Guatemala

so yeah as the subject line says it looks like it will be a cold christmas. what does that mean?? i had changes again!!  after almost 8 months in or near malacatan, i have changes and they sent me to a place called palo gordo.  that is in the mountains.  what does that mean?? after almost 20 months of constant sweating i have stoped sweating and now i am shivering. hahaha

so yeah it was unexpected that i would have changes but here i am.  i am with a missionary named elder wilkes, he has 16 months in the mission and he is from alpine utah.  this week has been really hard because my comp has been sick so it has been hard for me to leave the house to work, but i was able to learn a lot. i was reading in 1 kings and i loved the story of elias who challenged the priests of baal to see whose god was more powerful.  i thought about how much confidence elias had to have to challenge the 900 of them against just him. and then the confidence to mock them. and then the confidence to pour so much water over his sacrifice.  (its all in 1 kings 18)  this week i also thought a lot about this hymn ¨o come all ye faithful¨.  in spanish the title is ¨venid, adoremos¨, it means ¨come, let us worship¨. i realized that the title is a perfect example of missionary work.  we need to invite everyone to come, and worship God with us and invite them to obey Him and be baptized.  that is our job as members of the Church.
answers to moms questions:
 im not sure if franklin got baptized - i hope so but i havent been able to talk with fickes to makes sure he did.  the best thing i learned from elder fickes was how to see not who the people were but who they could become.  the ward mission leader never ended up helping us but the mission leader here is super cool.  i have no idea who the new hermana in malacatan is.  yes i got the other christmas package from you and the package from aunt michelle.  please tell here i said thanks.  best food for the week was the chinese food that we ate for lunch today. every time i sing christmas songs i like to sing "i heard the bells on christmas day" and it makes me think of grandpa.  the best things about being on a mission for christmas is not having to deal with all of the commercialism that comes a long with christmas and being able to focus on the true meaning of christmas.  the worst thing is not having family with me, not watching nacho libre, not having all of the fun that we always have for Christmas....i am asuming you will ask me about my new zone.  in our zone there are 12 of us.  me and my comp are the zls.  there are 2 districts in my zone.  there are 2 hermanas (keltner and castillo) and 10 elders (me, wilkes, mendez, herrera, morales, garboza, cavio, evans, morin, and puckett)

well i think that is it for the week i hope you have a wonderful week and we will talk sunday!!


elder meyer


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