Thursday, June 27, 2013

Letter # 8, Las Brilliantes

hola friends and family
so i am still here and im gonna try and tell you all a little bit about this week.  tuesday we had a farewell conference for president, he is leaving later this week.  i felt really weird there, because it was the second and last time i would see him.  the conference was good and super long and of course all in spanish meaning that i could only understand some of it, but thats ok.  this week we have been working very hard to find new investigators and have done a fairly good job with that.  we have also been working very hard with this family.  a year ago their oldest son joined the church after having been a very strong member of the evangelical church.  we have been working with his parents and siblings to help them get baptized.  they know the church is true and want to be baptized but have a very common problem for Guatemalans, they are both married to other people.  apparently here it is very cheap and easy to get married but difficult and expensive to get a divorce so often people will just separate without getting divorced.  so we have been working with them to get that sorted out.  we also got to attend 3 baptisms this week, elder segard is district leader so he gets to interview all the investigators who want to get baptized and because of that we got to see three people enter the waters of baptism this week. one day we also provided service for this man, and the work was exactly like it was in belize last year which made me very happy.  spanish is coming along poco a poco (little by little), i feel pretty good about speaking in lesson, but i am terrible at small talk, and have difficultly understanding people, because they talk sooooo fast!!  last night i was super sick and got a blessing that said i would be able to get over my sickness quickly if i followed the promptings of the holy ghost.  so as i was laying there just feeling terrible, whenever i thought that i should do something (like sit up, take a shower, get some water) i did so and by the end of the night i felt way better so that was awesome. 
well i love being here. its hot i sweat all day every day but its great!!  i miss you all
elder meyer

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