Thursday, June 27, 2013

Letter #7, Retalhuleu Mission, Las Brilliantes

well hello family and friends,
so first of all i would like to applogize for how long it has been since i last wrote.  usually in the ccm we wrote on wednesdays but we left tuesday and then i didnt get to write til my p day (today).  but anyway i am here in the field.  so i am going to try and update you all real quick on what is going down here.  the last week of the ccm went by with nothing worth reporting except the last day of bball i hit a 3 quarters court hook shot. but anyway tuesday mormning we woke up early to leave for reu.  we got here and i no joke immedaitely started sweating... and i dont think i have stopped sweating since.  we just had meetings and stuff with president all day and then did divisions with missionaries at night.  wednesday we got our companions.  my comp is elder segard from lynchburg virginia, he has been out a year, and is a pretty cool guy.  our area is called las brillantes, no joke it is a mini guatemalan utah 80 percent of people here are members.  we have started to get to work but it has been difficult and frustrating because elder segard was sick on both saturday and sunday so we werent able to do much.  he is feeling a little bit better today which is good, hopefully tomorrow everything will be good. 
so just a real quick experience that i wanted to share was the last day in the ccm we gave everyone in the district a blessing. as we did this the spirit was ridiculously strong.  i had the opportunity to give one of the hermanas a blessing and it was really cool to feel the spirit putting words in my head
so on a seperate not asia looks super dope!! looks like you having a blast
hope all is still well
elder meyer
ps friends and family who i have not written back i am soooooooo sorry.  i only have very limitted time to email but i will try and get to it soon!! oh and if you want to mail me something use the address for the mission office

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