Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Letter #44 - "all of the kids are reading the Book of Mormon!" - La Blanca, Guatemala

hello hello hello

well i guess i must start with the sad news that my heels are over and out. i am proud of their year and now that the 2013-2014 college basketball season has officially ended, bring on the 2014-2015 season!!! i am calling that the champion right now will be the tar heels

well with that being said i guess i should tell you all about my week.... it was a good week, i dont feel like anything magical or out of this world awesome happened but it was a good week.  recently we were talking about some of our investigators and how the seem so so so close to baptism but they just cant seem to get over the hump. it has been hard, but we realized that we were spending too much time with these people that even though they were positive we realized that they were not doing their part to get baptized.  with that being said we knew that we needed to find a bunch of new people to teach, and this week we were able to do that!!! we tried harder to follow the spirit to take us where we needed to go and because of that we have found some very cool people that we will be working with.  also this week we had a wonderful opportunity to work with elder and hermana wetzel, they are a senior missionary couple that are working in an area that covers two stakes and they asked to visit less active with us one day.  it was a great opportunity to be with them and learn alot from them.

also this week we had an activity for the kids who live in la blanca who go to a school where they are having the kids read the book of mormon.  all the kids are reading the book because there arent public schools here so the all the schools can teach whatever they want.  at this school the director is the stake president and almost all of the teachers are returned missionaries and there are a few branch presidents that work there (like my branch president). the kids are ages 14-18 ish.  we are teaching a girl from the school and i belive she will be baptized in like 2 weeks and we are going to start working with more students from there. so we got to know all of the kids.  
over all it was a good week (minus the news on the heels!).

well i think thats it, oh wait, today we went to the mexican border so thats what some of the pics are.

have a wonderful week


elder meyer




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