Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Letter 45 - "went to his banana farm" - La Blanca, Guatemala

why hello there

it sounds like the trip to costa rica was incredible,  i would have loved to be with you, but to be honest i am happier that i was in la blanca sweating my brains out, becuase that is what the Lord has asked me to do.
so it has been yet another week in la blanca and it has been a good week.  first of all we were able to celebrate elder waltons birthday on saturday and that was fun and all.  to be honest i am not sure what to say-  it was a hard week but a really good week, and even though we havent had a baptism in a week i feel like things are looking up!!! 

one really thing cool thing that happened this week was on saturday.  in the morning we contacted a lady and ended up teaching the word of wisdom which was kinda weird because we dont teach it that often here in guatemala because for the most part there aren't many problems with it.  but we taught it and then we taught it again in the afternoon and then again in the night.  at the end of the day i was thinking and i realized that God had helped us be prepared to teach the word of wisdom very well the second and third time to investigators that are progressing.  and the practice or the help we needed was the opportunity to teach the lesson in the morning.  it reminded me just how involved God is in our lives and that He is always helping us.  

**Note - these are answers to some questions I sent him last week:
we have been trying to have branch members invite friends and family members to church; help from the branchcomes and goes and this last week there was NONE..... bu that is ok.... best thing i ate this week was a hamburger that i bought in the street one night.  the best thing i learned this week is the importance of making a full offering to the Lord (Omni 1:26, bible dictionary for offering, malachi 3:8, and some scripture in d and c about an offering in righteousness....) the water in our house comes from a mechanical well out side the house, so when we want water we turn on the pump and that fills up a basin to wash dishes, or a trashcan that we then use to shower.
for pday we went with a member to his banana farm to see how they grow, are cut, harvested, cleaned, and sent to wal mart!! it was way cool, i will see if i have time for pics

besides that there is not much to report from here. changes are in two days and i am almost sure that one of us will be leaving but we will have to wait for the pohne call so ill let you know next week

have a wonderful week


elder meyer


PS i really really really hope kentucky doesnt win the ncaa championship


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