Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter #52 - "Changes!!" - San Isidro, Guatemala

hello again,

so this last week were the changes and well, it was time for me to be moved.  i am now in an area called san isidro.  we are like 5 minutes outside of one of the biggest cities in our mission (called malacatan) and it is a cool area.  it is hot but after la blanca i dont feel like it is that hot - haha.  the good thing is it rains here so when it rains it feels realy really nice out!! so yeah i live here with 3 other elders, elder quiroz (my comp, more on him to come), elder garcia (from hawaii) and elder rivera (from el salvador). so yeah about my comp he is really ummm intersting.  he is from peru and only has like 2 months in the mission.  this week with him has been so hard... but im just gonna keep working, and keep praying.  the ward here is awesome.  they love the missionaries, and are always willing to help us out and visit with us which is super cool and different for me.  it will be a little bit of a challenge to find the way to work with them just because i have never been able to do it before in my mission. so yeah there are some really cool recent converts here and we have been working with their families so that they too can be baptized.  it looks like we are getting close with a couple of them so in the next couple weeks we should be looking at a couple baptisms.  

i was thinking a lot about the recent converts in this area and how willing they are to share the gospel with their family and friends.  it was really cool but at the same time made me feel bad.  before the mission i almost never shared the gospel with anyone. i had a testimony and knew the scriptures but was afraid to open my mouth and help others see the truth.  i think a lot of times we are like this but these converts of just a couple weeks, who have barely started reading the scriptures for the first time who dont even know all of the doctrine, are sharing the truth with their friends.  we who have had years of being in this gospel should be setting the example; maybe we havent done it but we can start now.  so yeah i just want to give that invitation to all of you.  

so that is about all for this week, but i hope you have a wonderful week


elder meyer


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