Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Letter #53 - "it is a surprise I am writing on Wednesday!"- San Isidro, Guatemala

well hello!

 i know it is a suprise that i am writing you all on this wednesday so i guess i will explain why and then what happened in this week plus a little.

so basically monday i got sick.  in the morning i was fine and then at lunch i thought my stomach was going to explode so i went home and slept the rest of the day.  yesterday i felt better and i got permision to write today so that is the story.

so this week we had a couple really cool things that happened.  on wednesday President Duncan (member of the seventy and president of the central america area) came and spoke to us.  i freaking loved what he had to say.  a couple of the highlights were these:  he talked about God's vision for our areas and investigators.  He wants His work to be hastened and He wants many more members.  God has His vision and we have to ask and receive the gift of seeing a small part of God's vision to be able to do our small part to have His vision come true.  President Duncan mentioned that we can have a lot more success if we want it.  if we want more success we have to plan better.  it was a wonderful conference with him, i learned so much, and have started to put the things i have learned into practice.

so yeah that was the highlight of my week.  it was a week full of hard work and im just gonna keep working and i know if i do my part God will do His part to hasten His work

i hope you have a wonderful week


elder meyer



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