Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Letter #54 - "working like donkeys in the rain!" San Isidro, Guatemala

hello there

so yeah its been another week here and we are still just "trabajando como burros en la lluvia"!! haha that is something that my comp always says,  it means we are working like donkeys in the rain.... im not quite sure why he says it but he does.....  but yeah this week was pretty normal, lots of rain, lots of working, and a little bit more hope.  i dont have a lot of time and im feeling a little bit sick so im gonna be kinda short...  the coolest thing that happened this week was when we were walking in the street and i saw this man without a shirt on and a HUGE PITBULL. i was all for avoiding him and the dog, but then i had this feeling, without a doubt it was the Spirit, told me "go play with that dog". it was about the last thing i wanted to do, and i didnt know how to do it, but as we got close the dog walked almost right up to me. i asked the owner if it was a mean dog he said no and i just started petting it.  after that i started talking to the owner and he was super cool and very interested in the gospel.  the day after that i was on divisions but one of my zone leaders came and with my comp they set a baptizmal date with him on the first real lesson!!
 the other coolest part of this week was when i met this girl who was born in the states and just about year ago came to live here in guatemala.  i was talking to her about the church and everything and she told me she had a book of mormon and didnt know where it was but wanted to read it.  the next time i saw her she was jumping up and down with joy that she had found her book of mormon and wanted to know what she should read first.  it was super cool to see her excitement to learn about the gospel.  i believe our excitement to learn about the gospel is something that we can all improve on.  so yeah those were the highlights of the week.  hope everything is going well back home.


elder meyer


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